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Develop the employability of learners and contribute to their CPD at the same time
If you are looking for inspiring ways to help learners to be ready for work and build links with employers, here are some resources you can use within any vocational course.

Developed by trainers from across Europe, the activities can be included in sessions to develop the skills which employers are asking for such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and presentation, as well as job seeking skills. They will also help teachers take a more ‘entrepreneurial’ approach as they facilitate learning, engage learners and bring the world of work into the classroom. They can also help embed aspects of Maths, English and the Minimum Core in Teacher Education Programmes.


Teachers trying out the LIFE2 materials

The activities were developed as part of the Train the Trainer Pack developed by the LIFE 2 project team. The project is supported by the European Commission and includes innovative ideas from colleges in Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK, with Norton Radstock College as the lead partner.

The project was recently presented at the European Parliament as a good practice example in a EUCIS policy debate on entrepreneurship skills.

Quick links are provided below to LIFE2 activities which can be adapted to suit learner groups including disadvantaged learners. The whole LIFE 2 Train the Trainer Pack, which can help teachers to reflect on their current practice and embed employability skills within their teaching can be downloaded from the LIFE 2 website. There is also a forum on the website where you can give feedback and ideas for new activities for the online pack.

LIFE 2 Activity Helps to

develop numeracy in a vocational context
Cultural awareness

relate cultural awareness skills to work situations using art. Also useful for embedding Equality & Diversity
Employer links

understand employers’ needs and develop contacts with employers
Classroom Introductions

practise self-presentation to a group. Useful for interviews.
Communication in different languages

broaden horizons and share knowledge. Useful for preparation for mobility exchanges and work experience in other countries.
Creating a company

practise creativity, taking risks and teamwork
Ethics in business

consider social responsibility in enterprise
Looking for a new employee

stand in the shoes of the employer and create job profiles
Banana split game

practise negotiation skills and social responsibility
Study skills

group work and presentation skills
Choosing from the fan

develop teamwork, collaborative learning and revision
Career guidance

self-evaluate and develop a personal and professional profile
Customer care role play

develop interpersonal skills and customer orientation
Group dynamics – NASA

practise leadership and teamwork

The following new activities were developed by teachers and trainers who took part in the pilots:

LIFE 2 Activity Helps to
Dating profile

develop writing and communication skills in a fun way
Embedding English

improve spelling and work related vocabulary
Golden parrot

learn how to influence others in a group
Interview practice

how to involve employers in developing interview skills
My choice

understand employer requirements and negotiating skills

understand the importance of teamwork and empathy
Self Image

compare how you see yourself with the perceptions of others
Tit for tat

practise the win: win concept using a game

Full Train the Trainer Pack

Not all the activities above are in this version, but there is more advice about using the materials, and contextual information about the project.

The main project website is at: