Reflective Practice 5

Outline CPD Programme for Reflective Practice

The CPD programme is available for download as a word file. If you are online you should be able to access the items which are hyperlinked.

CPD Programme – word version

We have produced a CPD programme which is designed to be flexible so that it can be adapted to meet specific needs. The design of the programme is based on topics, rather than period of time, and activities and resources which are relevant to the topics are suggested and hyperlinked within each section. All topics could be delivered as a stand-alone item, linked to one or more related topics, or as part of a longer course covering all the topics.

Just how they would be combined into a programme is for you as the user to decide.

An extract from the programme is provided below as an example:

Overarching learning outcomes:

By the end of a series of learning activities on the theme of reflective practice, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what they understand as the benefits and development possibilities of the use of reflection in learning.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to reflect on their own practice and act on the results of that reflection to improve their teaching.
  • Describe the key characteristics of reflective practice and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Apply reflective practice in their own teaching to enhance the learning and achievement of their learners.
  • Take full advantage of the CPD opportunities provided by adopting Reflective Practice.

List of topics:

Definitions, models and theories 

· What is reflection? Reflection in learning; Understanding ourselves.
· Why reflect?
· Institute for Learning: IfL CPD cycle and QTLS
· What is reflective Practice? Models, theories and frameworks; benefits and challenges.

Reflecting on 

· Developing reflective techniques and applying them to teaching.
· Reflective writing
· Reflective speaking
· Visualising
· Recording reflection
· Developing reflective practice and using reflection to develop our teaching

Moving on with reflective practice

· Levels of reflection
· RP in teaching sessions
· RP in teaching observations
· RP in tutorials
· RP in interviews

Tools for reflection

· Online tools – Mind maps, Twitter, Webspiration, Wordle
· Media – cameras; videos; digital audio

Introduction to topic

An introductory topic which enables participants to use a range of activities which helps them to define what reflection is, before moving on to understand what reflective practice is, why we need to reflect and the benefits of reflection.

The Institute for Learning (IfL), its operation and its approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are introduced. All teachers are required to register with the IfL and complete mandatory CPD. Many teachers will be required to apply for QTLS.

Whilst the IfL’s approach to CPD is flexible, it is required that teachers reflect on their learning and the impact of it on their teaching and their students. This topic is therefore designed to consider the IfL approach to CPD and how it relates to reflective practice.

A simple model of reflection and a number of concepts to consider what we can reflect on and how this can help our teaching is introduced, as are some of the best known theories and ideas about reflection and reflective practice, and more advanced consideration of theories.

This topic could be covered in one long session, but would work better broken down into a number of shorter sessions. If a number of shorter sessions are used, then participants could be asked to try some of the techniques to reflect on aspects of their teaching in between sessions.

Opportunities for group and individual reflection are included, and space for discussion / debate and peer support.

The topic can be used as:

· An introduction to an ongoing course
· A stand-alone introduction to reflective practice for new teachers

What is Reflection? Relevant website content on | Reflective practice 2 | Reflective practice 3 |
Items Resources / Activities
What is reflection? What is reflection in learning?
Activity – download
Models, frameworks and theories Models, frameworks and theories of reflection in learning
Activity – download
Understanding ourselves Understanding ourselves 
Activity – download
Understanding ourselves resource for above activity – download
Why reflect? Why reflect 
Activity – download
Further resources (e.g.) – more on website – Concise piece from the excellent informal education website on reflection at
– ‘May’s reflective learning‘ video on YouTube – this is a really engaging video which uses the idea of building a portfolio to illustrate the benefits of reflecting on your learning and experience. You could use it in many ways, including with the What is reflection in learning? activity from above
Notes / Further possible activity / ideas
· Ensure high level of participation / activity from teachers involved and draw in experiences from their own teaching
· Compare participants’ ideas and values with those in different ideas / models and theories .. how do they compare?
· Avoid over using text .. speaking, seeing and thinking are just as important.
The Institute for Learning (IfL) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)Relevant website content on | Definitions 1 | Definitions 2 | Definitions 3 | Definitions 4 |


Resources / Activities

CPD Cycle

Using the IfL six step cycle activity

Activity – download Using the IfL six step cycle resource

Notes / Further Possible activity / ideas
· How does reflective practice relate to CPD?
· What is the purpose of CPD?
· What sort of things can be counted as CPD? What does it mean by reflecting on impact?
· Teachers asked to bring in examples of CPD that they have undertaken and the reflections on them, and share in pairs.
· Critically analyse the reflection aspect of the CPD.

What is Reflective Practice? – Definitions of Reflective Practice

What is reflective practice?
Activity – download 
Models, frameworks and theories of reflective practice
Activity – download

What are the benefits of reflective practice?

Benefits of Reflective Practice activity 
Activity – download
Benefits of Reflective Practice resource 
Activity – download

What are the challenges associated with reflective practice?

Challenges of Reflective Practice activity 
Activity – download
Challenges of Reflective Practice resource 
Activity – download
Further resources (e.g.) – more on website Reflective Practice PowerPoint  Introductory (thanks to Caroline Harvey)
Reflective Practice PowerPoint  Detailed (thanks to Lorraine Simpson)
Reflective Practice PowerPoint – from the IfL
From the excellent Learning and Teaching website at
Escalate ‘Busy Teacher Educator Guide’ on Reflective practice for download (pdf)
– Reflective Teaching Practice in Adult ESL settings.
Notes / Further possible activity / ideas
· Make use of the content on the website, especially the videos, generic questions and other items 
· It is important to recognise that although reflective practice is seen as vital, it is not always easy.