This section of the website selects what we feel are some of the best resources which can be used on ITE courses, and is organised in sections based on the teaching cycle.

This first page contains generally useful resources, and items on learning theories.

A large teacher education reading list follows, then resources grouped by stages in the teaching and learning cycle, then a section of many downloadable items

Very useful general teaching and learning / teacher education resources

Ann Gravells website

Ann’s website has links to her very wide range of excellent books which for teaching practitioners in the Lifelong Learning sector, and has much other useful content, both in terms of news, resources and guidance.

Big Dog and Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition

is a really good site, produced by Don Clark, with detailed content on training, large numbers of links and much more.

Brilliant teaching and training in FE and skills

A guide to effective CPD for teachers, trainers and leaders’ – report and linked evidence from IfL.
download report – pdf

download evidence – pdf


Guidance about supporting Practical Teaching, which should be useful for all providers of ITE, produced as part of the LLUK review of qualifications

Excellence Gateway

Is probably the biggest official site for resources etc. for the sector. The site draws together a large number of resources from diverse sources and web sites across the sector. Since the early days of this resource, considerable improvement has been made, and it is now one of the ‘must use’ sites for teachers in the sector.

It describes itself as follows:

‘Search and browse for over 7,000 expert resources throughout the education and training sector or search using the filters in Discover resources.’

Sections are included on research; improving teaching; maths and english; TVET; ESOL; SEND 

Geoff Petty

Geoff is one of the best-selling writers and most engaging thinkers about education, and he has a very useful web site with much available for teachers at all levels. The site is at and is a must to visit

The site for Informal Learning, is simply one of the best educational web sites around. It’s a comprehensive, accessible, absorbing, authoritative and well designed site. In fact it’s an absolute gem, with masses of excellent content. The main site sections are:
ideas ∙ thinkers ∙ practice
Make sure you browse, as there is a huge amount on this site.

Itslife – no longer actively updated, but still contains good links

is intended to be a resource for teachers, trainers, tutors, instructors, or indeed anybody working in the sector, and indeed any organisation or individuals with an interest in the sector. The site contains thousands of weblinks, downloads and resources for teachers and teacher educators, and carries news, views, useful sources of materials, information and topics intended to also focus on issues, discussions and debates.
Itslife is produced by Jim Crawley, of Bath Spa University,
The website can be found at:

Learning and Teaching from James Atherton

is ‘three linked sites exploring learning and teaching in college, adult and professional education’. Excellent throughout, with sections on theory and practice, which are authoritative, informative and thought-provoking.

The Life2 project

The ‘key competences in life skills’ project, or LIFE 2 for short, is all about helping young people to develop the skills and confidence needed in the workplace during their vocational training. A specialist team from vocational education organisations and networks from Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK will research and update the LIFE Train the Trainer Pack developed in a previous project to help teachers to integrate life skills into vocational learning. The project is supported by the European Union through the Leonardo da Vinci programme, aimed at improving the vocational education systems of Europe.

Learning Theories

An interesting resource which describes itself as follows:
‘This knowledge base features learning theories that address how people learn. A resource useful for scholars of various fields such as educational psychology, instructional design, and human-computer interaction. Browse it at

The Informal Education web site (again!)

has much content about adult learning, theories, models and approaches. It includes thinkers ‘These pages explore the contributions of some of the thinkers central to the development of the theory and practice of lifelong learning and informal education. A very impressive list including:

Other Publications

A CETT report on the possible ‘professional knowledge’ which could be expected as part of a teacher educator’s role.

Clow_Harkin_WestminsterPartnership_Professional Knowledge for_Teacher Educators.pdf

An electronic copy of
Harkin, J. (2005) Fragments Stored against My Ruin: the place of educational theory in the professional development of teachers in further education. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, Volume 57, Number 2, 2005 pp 165-80


Hayes_et_al_A_Lecturer’s_Guide_to_Further_Education-Open_University_Press(2007).pdf – this is the whole book, which was located on a google search!

A report on the nature and scope of HE in the SW.

Report on a project about the usef of Individual Learning Plans in LL ITE

A pubication by the Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT) – A Response to the Coalition Government’s White Paper for Schools (Nov 2010)

A powerpoint about research Liz was undertaking into reflectionand teacher trainees.

From Routledge’s website – a listing of a variety of education-related articles which are available from Routledge