This section of the site features ways of supporting teacher educators, and provides links to existing resources for support.

Guidance for ITE qualifications

The original Guidance documents for the suite of Education and Training qualifications, the Diploma, the Certificate and the Award were issued by LSIS in 2013. These replaced the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualifications (DTLLS, CTLLS and PTLLS), and comprised 5 documents. A need to refresh these documents, taking into account recent changes in context, and a desire to have a single point of reference led to the Foundation working with key stakeholders to prepare a new version of the Guidance.  This can be downloaded here PDF iconGuidance for Qualifications in Education and Training November 2016.pdf. Also implementation notes and key changes can be downloaded here PDF icon Implementation notes re ITE qualifications (March 17 update).pdf

Mindful of the expiry date of the qualifications as July 2018, the Foundation has consulted with Awarding Bodies and ITE providers about the need for revision and in the absence of much negative feedback, the Foundation has passed a letter to the Federation of Awarding Bodies for distribution to members to advise them to extend their ITE qualifications until July 2020. The process of review leading up to 2020 is now planned to recommence in January 2019; further details to follow. The letter to ABs is available here PDF icon AB letter via FAB 9jan18 re ITE quals.pdf

Revised guidance on qualifications in education, training and assessment – December 2016

Qualifications in education, training and assessment: revised guidance published

CPD resource for Teacher educators

You may find the CPD training course on this website useful.

It is at CPD course

Organisations supporting teacher education – a to z

Education and Training Foundation (ETF)

The website describes the ETF as follows:

‘the ETF works with teachers, trainers, leaders and employers to help them deliver excellent further and vocational education and training (VET).’

There is a wealth of content on the site including sections called

There is also a wide range of news and resources including:

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The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) acts as a national forum for the discussion of matters relating to the education of teachers and professional educators, and to the study of education in the university sector and contributes to the formulation of policy in these fields. Its members are UK universities involved in teacher education, and a number of colleges of higher education in the university sector
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Publications supporting the development of teacher educators

Post Compulsory Teacher Educators – Connecting Professionals

This recent book is written by TELL members (Jim Crawley, Azumah Dennis, Vicky Duckworth, Rebecca Eliahoo, Lynn Machin, Kevin Orr, Denise Robinson and Nena Skrbic) and is the first ever book published solely about PCE Teacher Education by PCE teacher educators.
More information and to order at:

Becoming a Teacher Educator: guidelines for induction 2nd edition

Author/Producer Dr Pete Boyd, Kim Harris, Prof. Jean Murray/ESCalate
  • Dr Pete Boyd (University of Cumbria)
  • Kim Harris (University of Worcester)
  • Professor Jean Murray (University of East London)
Date Published 17 October 2011
Pages 39
Download pdf 826KB

The first edition of this publication has been used to support the induction of new teacher educators in the UK and beyond. But change in the HE sector and in the field of teacher education mean that this second edition is now needed.
This new edition has been revised in four main ways. Firstly, a considerable body of published international research focused on teacher educators has been produced since 2007 and the revised guidelines are informed by this work. Secondly, the new guidelines include the ‘voices’ of new teacher educators themselves gathered during our regular workshops for new teacher educators and our research projects. Thirdly, the revised edition aims to be more inclusive of all teacher educators, including those in further education. In terms of this latter group, it is informed by the limited literature available and our own research into the experiences of those teaching higher education programmes in further education colleges. Finally, the new guidelines seek to respond in a measured way to changing policy and contextual frameworks.


A support kit produced through a european project, mainly for new teacher educators, but with materials which will be useful for all. Contains activities and resources and is well worth looking at.


This is a publication from LSIS which is aimed at prospective teacher trainees, and it will be succeeded soon by a new version, but it does contain useful info about the relevant qualifications and pathways in the sector.

Other sources of information /support

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring was used successfully on the Suppporting Teacher Educators Project (STEP), and examples of that success will feature in this section in due course. If you wish to get involved in peer mentoring of this type, the documents from this project are below:
STEP Peer Mentoring – An Introduction.pdf Simple overview and guide
STEP Peer Mentoring – Case Study Form.doc Proforma used by peer mentor to review their peer mentoring
STEP Peer Mentoring – Guidelines.pdf
STEP Peer Mentoring – Record of Meetings Form.doc